Business Park Access Projects


In 2017, the City of Mississauga secured funding from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) to improve multi-modal infrastructure in the Airport Corporate Centre in Mississauga. With the PTIF funding, the corporate centre saw the addition of new multi-purpose trails, on-road bike lanes, and additional sidewalks all intended to boost multimodal connectivity between corporate offices, adjacent residential neighborhoods and the newly completed Mississauga Transitway.

Our Role

SustainMobility worked with the City of Mississauga to develop an interactive website to highlight the new infrastructure investments in the Airport Corporate Centre. SustainMobility also designed and executed a communications and marketing campaign targeted to workplaces in the business park. The marketing campaign promoted the new infrastructure while providing resources and incentives for commuters to try sustainable travel modes. Incentives included a pre-paid PRESTO transit pass for commuters who indicated an interest in trying transit.


SustainMobility measured the impact of the project through a pre and post survey. At the conclusion of the project commuters who reported “drive alone” as their usual commute mode declined by 19%, and public transit increased by 13% as the usual mode to commute to work.