Business Park Infrastructure Audit


Where do commuters start their daily commute? How far are they travelling each day and why aren’t more of them walking, cycling or taking public transit? Until these questions are answered it’s very difficult to develop meaningful solutions to commuter challenges.

Our Role

In 2013 and 2014 SustainMobility conducted an on the ground audit of various business parks in the City of Mississauga. SustainMobility gathered home postal code data from commuters to create a commuter shed analysis where we analyzed the connectivity between transit stops, workplaces and adjacent residential neighbourhoods. We assessed, measured and documented infrastructure that supports transit, walking and cycling (sidewalks, crosswalks, signalled intersections, distance between intersections, transit shelters and bike lanes) in each business park. This data was integrated with commuter preference data to develop a comprehensive picture of each business park.


SustainMobility’s report on the Airport Corporate Centre was presented at a Metrolinx planning committee and was the key impetus for recommendations to invest in small scale infrastructure projects (sidewalks, bus shelters and cycling lanes) in the Airport Corporate Centre. SustainMobility’s analysis of the Meadowvale Business park was featured in a CBC special series “Stuck in traffic”. This report dispelled the myth that commuters were travelling across the GTA to get to work in Meadowvale each day. Instead, this report highlighted that the vast majority of commuters were local, living in neighbourhoods almost adjacent to their workplace, but lacked connectivity via safe cycling or walking routes, or a lack of transit services and infrastructure to support their desire to utilize sustainable travel modes.