CARPOOL MONTH- February 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020 Carpool Month Campaign!

The campaign saw 98 workplaces/campuses and 15 municipalities participate.

During the 29-day campaign, we saw 314 new users register on the Carpool Ontario ride-matching tool and 466 registered users logged into the tool to search for potential carpool partners.  To-date,  there has been 9,139 historical registered users on the Carpool Ontario tool.

Congratulations to Pamela Pacheco from the City of Brantford for winning the $500 Esso Gift Card!

Meet Pamela Pacheco, Our 2020 Carpool Month Campaign Winner

This February, Pamela came across the Carpool Month promotion in the City of Brantford’s Corporate newsletter and was intrigued by the idea, especially when one of her colleagues encouraged her to participate. 

“We recently started to carpool together, and had been talking about ways to connect with other people to join our carpool, says Pamela. The campaign was a reminder of how important carpooling is and how we need to encourage our colleagues and friends to try it; especially with the new Carpool Ontario ride-matching tool, which makes the planning that much easier.”

When asked what advice she would give to someone who is hesitant about trying carpooling, Pamela enthusiastically says, “Go for it! Give it a try, you won’t go back! For years co-workers and I would say we really should look into finding ways to carpool, and we just never got around to planning. And then when we finally started doing it, we were like “oh my goodness, this is amazing! Why did we take so long to figure this out?”



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