Commuter Shed Analysis


The starting point for any employer based commuting program is an evaluation of trip origins. A commuter shed analysis is a high-resolution spatial analysis of commuter origin locations in proximity to the workplace. This analysis can identify the proportion of commuters who are likely candidates for walking, cycling, public transit and carpooling. Density mapping can identify pockets of particular interest. Overlaying transit lines and stations on the map can help workplaces/employment areas to understand the viability of shuttle solutions or on-demand transit solutions.

Our Role

SustainMobility has a great deal of experience in developing commuter shed analysis for single site locations or entire business parks. Our analyses have been used to identity the potential impact of supporting and promoting active modes of transportation or for evaluation first and last mile solutions.


Our high-resolution commuter shed maps have been used as critical inputs in evaluating various transportation demand management programs, or to evaluate the evolving travel patterns of a growing campus environment. Truly a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why our maps have been used as dramatic visuals to demonstrate the viability of sustainable transportation modes to municipalities, workplaces and commuters. Our maps can also be converted to high resolution interactive pdf’s that allow commuters to visually understand their proximity to their workplace and to the transportation options that are available to them.