Construction Mitigation


Mississauga’s Cooksville GO station is slated to become a major intermodal hub and was scheduled for a massive reconstruction project in early 2018 where customers were expected to see parking shortages, walkway and platform closures, station and bus loop re-configurations. During construction, portions of the station and sections of the surface parking lot (250 spaces) were closed. GO Transit requested that SustainMobility staff engage with Cooksville transit riders to inform them of the upcoming construction phases, advise them of their options and encourage them to adopt sustainable travel modes to access the station in order to reduce parking demand at the station.

Our Role

SustainMobility coordinated with Metrolinx and GO Transit communications and operations staff to manage a pre-emptive communications strategy to inform transit riders about the upcoming construction project. SustainMobility was also on-site every morning at the station for a week prior to the closure of a major portion of the surface parking lot. SustainMobility staff engaged daily with transit riders to inform them about the construction by distributing construction information and signing up riders to an online information service.


Where the parking lot was at full capacity prior to the start of the construction at this station, Metrolinx reported more than 60 vacant parking spaces during peak periods AFTER the elimination of 250 surface spots due to the station construction. Metrolinx also reported an increase in station users using sustainable travel options to reach the station (walking, cycling, carpooling, transit or being dropped off).