Corporate Bike-Fleets


One of the easiest and most affordable transportation options is a bicycle. Not only is a bike an efficient and inexpensive way to make short trips, but it also creates an opportunity to have some fun and get a bit of exercise during your work day. After almost ten years of unsuccessfully trying to convince workplaces to implement bike-fleets for their employees, SustainMobility created the turnkey CycleLoan program.

Our Role

SustainMobility has purchased an elegant fleet of fully equipped bikes, with ample space for corporate branding. The bikes are bright and fun and fully loaded with safety equipment, and anti-theft devices. In addition to the bikes, SustainMobility provides a complete set of operating procedures, templated waivers, operating policies, instructional safety communications and program launch materials. CycleLoan clients have their bike-fleets maintained on-site by a certified and insured mechanic, so you never have to worry about the condition of your bikes.


There are now 13 corporate offices in Mississauga and Toronto and even one in Thunder Bay that have launched Cycleloan bike-fleets. CycleLoan bike-fleets provide a healthy and sustainable mobility option for employees who need to make short trips to run errands, attend meetings or simply get some exercise on their lunch. Looking to launch a bike fleet program? Contact us today for a quote.