Goal: To eliminate 20 million km of vehicle travel by 2021.

Result: Eliminated  over 49 million km of vehicle travel by 2021.


The Commute Ontario program has clearly demonstrated that Transportation Demand Management programs are in high demand across the Province of Ontario. Prior to the launch of Commute Ontario, TDM programming was largely restricted to the GTHA, with some elements of TDM programming available in Waterloo, London and the Niagara region, with the remainder of the province being largely un-served.

Within three years of launching Commute Ontario, fifteen municipal partners from all corners of the province signed on as project partners. Through this network of municipal partners, Commute Ontario recruited 80 new workplaces, with more than 450 physical worksites as participants in the project. More than 5,600 individuals from participating worksites and municipalities ultimately became resource users of Commute Ontario (i.e., signed up for a program or service, explored their commuting options and/or participated in a Commute Ontario Campaign).

Program Impact – From Jan 1 2019 to March 31, 2021:

  • Over 2 million trips eliminated
  • Over 49 million km of vehicle travel eliminated
  • Over 10 million kg of GHG emissions avoided
  • Over $26 million in vehicle operation and repair costs saved