Station Access – Clarkson GO Station Mississauga


Clarkson GO Station is conveniently surrounded by residential neighborhoods that are well connected by local transit, sidewalks and bike paths. The station was recently upgraded with covered bike shelters, a pedestrian access bridge and improved access for transit, cyclists and pedestrians. In an effort to reduce parking demand at the station and to promote multi-modal access, SustainMobility worked with Metrolinx and GO Transit to promote and educate residents about sustainable options for accessing the station.

Our Role

SustainMobility surveyed commuters to understand their existing travel patterns and their interest in trying more sustainable modes for accessing the station. SustainMobility then designed high resolution station maps highlighting the station infrastructure and supports for multi-modal access. Finally, commuters were provided with customized travel plans with route details for their preferred travel mode. The project was supported with an ongoing email marketing campaign to motivate commuters to try sustainable modes of travelling to and from the station.


74% of participants tried a sustainable travel mode (walk, cycle, public transit or carpool) to access the station at least once during the project period compared to only 49% who usually commuted to the station using sustainable travel modes in the pre-period. 43% of participants reported that they used sustainable modes to access the station three or more times per week and the remaining (31%) tried them occasionally during the project period.