Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Stay Fit Challenge! 

This past April, Commute Ontario challenged workplaces, campuses and communities across Ontario to stay fit and active for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift card.


With  28 workplaces/campuses and 17 municipalities participating in the challenge, the race to achieve the Stay Fit organization goal of 500 km & community goal of 2,500 km was in everyone’s sight.

Congratulations to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent who surpassed their community goal by logging more than 2,600 km online.

Below are the Top 5 organizations that exceeded their goal of 500 km:
1. Town of Orangeville – Staff
2. Region of Durham – Staff
3. Colliers International
4. Trillium Health Partners – The Credit Valley Hospital
5. Maple Leaf Foods

A special congratulations to Fida Khan from Trillium Health Partners for winning the $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

As we continue to do our part during these challenging times, Commute Ontario encourages you to continue to stay active.

Meet Fida Khan. This April’s Stay Fit Challenge winner.

As a regular user of the Active Switch online tool, Fida became aware of the Stay Fit Challenge and couldn’t help but participate.

“If there’s a challenge, I am the first person to participate,” says Fida.
Fida is a wellness enthusiast and looks for ways to stay active. He enjoys all types of activities like skipping, running, meditation, abdominal training, cricket, and general workouts.

“I love a challenge and the Stay Fit Challenge is a very good one because it helps me get moving and stay healthy.”

This April, Fida focused his activities around cycling, walking and yoga. “The program gives me a hidden sense of competition that keeps me going. I know I can’t see other people, but I know they are there and doing their best. At the same time, I know others feel the same boost.”

When asked what kind of advice he would provide to others looking to get more active, Fida simply says:

“It’s your body, keep it in optimal condition. Staying active is not only good for you personally but it has positive effects on your family and work life. It brings about a positive attitude, gives you lots of confidence and keeps your body in great shape. After all, we always want to look good, it’s only possible when you are active. Health is a blessing, don’t let it pass by and regret it later. Enjoy it, live it, share it and have fun.”