“The City of Windsor is thrilled to partner with Commute Ontario throughout the Bike Month Ontario campaign and beyond. We are working to improve our active transportation network and promote healthy and eco-friendly means of transportation throughout our community.”

– Averil Parent, Environment and Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Windsor.

“The City of Brantford is proud to take part in the Commute Ontario program and looks forward to demonstrating how we can alter our commuting habits to help reduce negative impacts on the environment.”

Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis

“This carpool matching tool provides a simple new travel option that also helps to save time and money. We hope that other area employers take the opportunity to join SustainMobility’s Commute Ontario program.”

Lisa Chominiec, Active Transportation Planner.

“Commute Ontario is offering this terrific, turn-key program, free-of-charge that aligns with the city’s mobility goals,” – EcoSuperior Program Coordinator Ashley Priem. “We’re very excited to help promote the Commute Ontario programs that could achieve a lasting positive impact on the Thunder Bay community and surrounding area.”

“I love the tagline for the program ‘make commute time your time’. It says it all. When I walk and bike, that is outdoor time for me. When I carpool or take transit, that is time for me to catch up with friends or the news. We are gearing up for an enthusiastic uptake of these programs by workplaces and community members in Peterborough.” 

— Susan Sauvé
Transportation Demand Management Planner, City of Peterborough

“Joining SustainMobility’s Commute Ontario program is a huge opportunity for the City of Thunder Bay. It complements programs that we currently partake in such as the Commuter Challenge and Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, but takes it to a new level,” explains Adam Krupper, Mobility Coordinator – City of Thunder Bay. “The program’s online employer platform will help us meaningfully engage with employees year-round and hopefully see bigger shifts in commuting habits.”

Many of our students live outside the area that the City of Orillia bus services. This carpool matching tool will provide an option for students to travel to campus, and at the same time save money and do their part in improving the environment. I have already registered as a driver, and I can say that the process was easy to complete in just a few minutes.” 

— Mike Zecchino
Student Life Manager, Georgian College, Orillia Campus

“Peterborough Public Health is happy to partner with Commute Ontario to support employees in choosing sustainable and active transportation options. Local data shows that 40% of people are inactive, so incorporating active transportation into our daily lives is a great way to increase physical activity which then reduces the risk of chronic diseases.” 

— Kate Dunford
Public Health Nurse, Family and Community Health Programs

“We are excited about joining forces with Commute Ontario to do our part in working towards a healthier population and reduced vehicle emissions in Dufferin County.” 

— Karisa Downey
Economic Development Officer at Dufferin County

“The Municipality of Grey Highlands is delighted to become a partner of Commute Ontario. Active living and transportation have been identified as priorities in our rural municipality and the Commute Ontario program will support not only the municipality but also our employers across the region in managing and growing an interconnected community network of transportation support services.” 

— Michele Harris
Director of Economic & Community Development 

“The registration process for organizations is simple and fully supported by the team at Commute Ontario. We look forward to seeing the uptake of these programs and incentives by employers and their employees within our community.”

— Ruth Phillips
Manager, Economic Development, Town of Orangeville