Walktober Month is done and what a month it was! Thank you to everyone who participated and made the switch towards a more active lifestyle this Walktober Month!

This October we saw 244 participants walk and log over 39,733,953 steps (YES THAT’S MILLIONS!) and save over 3083 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions from entering our atmosphere.

With a total of 558 virtual Walktober medals earned by Active Switch users, are you just a bit curious to see who WON?

Congratulations to this year’s Walktober winners:

$50 Tim Hortons Gift Card: Heather Kozak, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences
$100 Best Buy Gift Card: Yogita Patel, Keyser Mason Ball, LLP

$200 Walmart Gift Card: Peter Downs, City of Peterborough
$300 Amazon Gift Card: Jim Elyot, St. Lawrence College – Kingston Campus

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Walktober Month 2020 Winners

Heather was looking to reinforce her exercise and health-related routines when she came across a Walktober Month advertisement at work and decided that this is exactly what she needed. A little extra push to help get moving. 

From walking, hiking, dancing, and swimming, Heather enjoyed all sorts of activities this Walktober month as she tracked her activity on the Active Switch tool. 

“I love hiking as it brings me into the outdoors which I find very mindful and relaxing, says Heather. Active Switch allowed me to track my progress and was an excellent reminder of the great things I was accomplishing and the goals I set out to reach.” 

As for the advice that she would tell others who are looking to get more active, Heather recommends to “start slow and build on it day by day. It’s worth it!”

Yogita Patel was busy at work when she received a notification email about Walktober Month.

New to the campaign and the Active Switch platform, Yogita was inspired to register an account and take the challenge to get more active in the month of October.

“I love to walk and discover new trails, places to visit and take pictures of nature. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided that it was time to start walking to work and track my progress on Active Switch.”

When asked what Yogita would say to others who are looking to get active, Yogita encourages others to “find something you are passionate about and keep at it. It makes it all the more worthwhile and enjoyable.”

As an avid runner for more than 15 years, Peter Downs has grown to love running and being physically active as part of his daily routine.

Whether at work or at home, Peter stays in motion for a good part of his day.

“My favourite way to stay active is to participate in activities that are outdoors. After work, I like to go for a run or bike ride for as long as the weather allows. Then in the winter, I cross country ski. Having activities that translate into getting outside, no matter the weather, is a good way to keep moving,” says Peter.

When he was notified about Walktober Month, Peter was up for the challenge.

“Since I was already tracking my daily activities with my Garmin watch, it was easy to track and log my daily activities on the Active Switch website as it was very user-friendly. Having to log my daily steps was a good reminder to keep active. I liked how the website tracked my goals and gave me a running percentage of my weekly and monthly progress. The calories and burgers burned is also a nice incentive.”

Peter encourages those who are thinking about increasing their daily dose of physical activity to start by finding something one enjoys doing, even if it’s going for an evening or lunch-time walk. He also suggests finding a group that does what you enjoy.

“This will provide motivation, goal setting, and social interaction. If you meet with like-minded individuals this can only enhance your activities in terms of your motivation, goals, training, mental health, and fun! I would also say, track your progress and over time you will see improvement which is always a good motivation.”

2020. A year of uncertainty. With COVID-19 top-of-mind, many are spending more time at home than ever before.

So why participate in Walktober Month? Jim was feeling stuck at home and when he heard about the campaign, Jim’s natural reaction was to go for it.

“Running and cycling have been part of my life for decades but walking was always utilitarian. The lockdown motivated me to go on actual walks (without a destination, or chore in mind) and logging my activity on Active Switch was a daily butt-kick to keep moving, even when everything in my being said no.”

Jim took Walktober Month head-on by challenging himself to go on runs, bike rides (trails, roads and inside on the trainer), and execute a daily count of 5,000+ steps around the neighbourhood in the month of October.

“Being active gets me out into the world. It’s like a daily vacation from all the other stuff.”

When asked what advice he would give to others who are looking to get more active, Jim simply says, “find someone or something to help get you motivated. Don’t try to win a marathon right off the bat. Simply enjoy the little things like gardening, parking in the spot farthest from the door, even riding your bike around the block in the rain! Take it one step at a time, then the next; and the next…