Commute Ontario is a program of SustainMobility, designed to encourage commuters in the province of Ontario to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. Our goal is to eliminate 20 million km of vehicle travel over the next three years. We have eliminated over 13 million km of vehicle travel in year 1.

Simply put, we want to see more Ontarians walking, cycling, taking public transit and carpooling to and from work rather than driving alone each day. Changing commute behaviour will have a significant impact on reducing harmful emissions and creating a healthier, happier Ontario.

Thanks to a generous grant from OTF, the Commute Ontario program is being offered to municipalities, workplaces and campuses (post-secondary institutions) outside the GTHA, at no cost.

If you are located within the GTHA, please contact us at for program fees. 

Over the next three years we will be exploring ongoing partnership opportunities to fund the Commute Ontario program beyond 2021.
Commute Ontario is designed to provide Transportation Demand Management programs where they are currently lacking or do not exist. Click here to view the map for all our service areas.
SustainMobility is a non-profit social enterprise. We work with leading communities and organizations to deliver transformative programming that inspires residents and employees to live more active and healthy life-styles. Specifically, our services and programming are focused on the intersection of health and mobility options.

Our goal is to encourage behaviour change that reduces society’s transportation footprint, inspires daily physical activity, improves air quality and eases traffic congestion. SustainMobility has more than 12 years of experience managing sustainable transportation programs. Click here for more projects by SustainMobility.