Find out how you, your workplace, and your municipality can get involved.

Help us reach the goal of reducing 20,000,000 km of vehicle travel in the  Province of Ontario by 2021. We want to engage with as many Ontarians as possible by partnering with municipalities and workplaces across the province.

There’s a lot of good to be gained.

At Commute Ontario our goal is simple – we want commuters across the province to try sustainable, healthy travel options. Each individual trip using a sustainable travel mode contributes to a healthier environment and a healthier you.

When individuals choose sustainable and active travel options they improve their health and well-being while reducing traffic congestion and eliminating harmful emissions that contribute to poor air quality and global warming.

Here’s some good news! - once people try sustainable travel, they tend to stick with it.

Suite of Services

Active Switch

Get rewarded with the Active Switch program. Reap the environmental and health benefits with the Active Switch walking & cycling program.

Carpool Ontario

Use the Commute Ontario carpooling program to search for potential carpooling partners at your workplace and in your community.



The Emergency Ride Home program (ERH)  is our commuter insurance program – never worry about being stranded at work without a ride home.


Professionally designed marketing collateral, templated communications, prizes, incentives and more are all available to registered workplaces.