High roller - big stakes

The Ultimate Guide to Online High Roller Casinos

High roller casinos indulge true gambling fans by providing a wide range of gaming options, from exclusive bonuses to regular closed tournaments. We have answers to all these questions for those wondering who high rollers are and how a casino differs from a traditional online gambling site.

Read our review to the end to find out who the high rollers are and what privileges they get when playing in an online casino.

High Roller Casino Concept

Games for high roller

High rollers are also casino whales and VIP clients (on some virtual sites) – these are gamblers who play exclusively for large bets. They have access to many different gambling entertainments, but their number one choice is craps, poker, roulette and blackjack. Considering that high rollers spend huge amounts of money, online operators do their best to make such players feel as comfortable as possible.

High Roller Casino: What to Expect?

Playing on high-stakes casino sites makes the gambling experience even more fun for the high roller. All thanks to special attention and treatment from online operators. As VIP players, they get access to unique services and generous exclusive bonus offers. Here is what the best high roller casinos in Canada offer to big punters:

  • Generous deposit bonus. Almost all online operators offer a bonus as a percentage of a deposit. Since the amount of stakes in the so-called whale casinos is much higher, the percentage of compensation is also high.
  • VIP service and personal manager. Many high roller casinos offer a personal manager feature. These specialists are ready to answer all the player’s questions at any time of the day.
  • Closed tournaments. If you have received the status of a high roller, your online casino will regularly invite you to closed tournaments. Only players who bet large sums take part in them. Participation in such a tournament is usually free, and the main prize is expensive.
  • Large percentage of cashback. Even experienced punters, including high rollers, are not immune from failures in online casinos. To compensate for losses, some online operators offer to return part of the sum lost in the form of a bonus – cashback. In this way, casinos try to soften the blow of large losses and cheer up the player.
  • No limits and a high speed of payments. High rollers play for large sums of money. Therefore, they often make a deposit of several thousand dollars. Their payouts also significantly exceed the winnings in regular online casinos. Therefore, operators are doing everything possible to speed up these financial processes.
  • Additional bonuses. Competition in the gambling market is growing. Therefore, casinos often come up with various exclusive bonus offers to keep the big players. In addition, high roller casinos often delight their customers in honour of various events. In addition to all national holidays, casino whales receive bonuses on their birthday or anniversary of registration, etc.
  • Tables with maximum stakes. Most online casinos offer high-stakes single-table games for high rollers. Virtual lobbies specially designated for them gather players who choose games for big money.
  • Invitations to closed VIP events. Online operators followed the example of land-based casinos. From time to time, VIP players receive invitations to closed exclusive events. These can be sports matches, fashion shows and other events of interest to this category of punters.

How to Obtain High Roller Status

First, a player who wants to get into the so-called major league of casinos needs a solid budget. It is clear that if you are ready to play big, you are also ready to lose large sums of money. So what do you need to do to join the whale casino community?

Practice First

Putting large sums on the line is really tempting entertainment. Of course, if you can afford this. However, firstly it would be nice to learn the gameplay, practice and hone your skills. Before you play for real money, especially big ones, take advantage of the many free games.

Find the Best High Roller Casino

According to the rules of responsible gambling, casino games are fun and exciting. However, the fun can turn into a real nightmare if the player is not careful in choosing a casino site. Even though today, most online operators in Canada are legal, it is still possible to fall for scammers. For this reason, we recommend that you take a serious approach to pick a reliable and safe gambling site. Especially since huge sums of money are at stake.

Be an Active Player

If you think that you will come to a virtual casino with a lot of money and immediately be enrolled in high rollers, this is far from the case. The platforms where high rollers play track the gamblers’ behaviour. As a rule, operators themselves offer customers to join this category of players. Whom do they offer this? Those who often play and bet large sums at stake.

Gaming Palette of High Roller Casinos

As you have already understood, high rollers like to take risks and get real pleasure from such a game. In addition, they are also driven by the desire to earn. Therefore, the so-called casino whales choose games with high stakes. Below we have described the most frequently played gambling entertainments among high rollers.

High Stakes Roulette

Roulette is called the queen of all casinos. And this is not strange because this game does not require the player to study complex rules and combinations or special skills. In addition, roulette conveys all the authenticity of real casinos. This dynamic game excites the blood and causes an adrenaline rush in high rollers too.

In addition to the sharpness of emotions, casino whales love this online game for the opportunity to hit the jackpot. The variety of roulette types attracts more and more attention. By playing this game, everyone will be able to find their favourite entertainment.

High roller roulette

As far as high roller roulette is concerned, these versions of the game feature high betting limits and almost no restrictions. Therefore, high rollers often choose the unlimited roulette option.

High Roller Baccarat

High roller baccarat

In baccarat, the punter who scores as close as possible to 9 wins. It is not easy to do this, especially since everyone who scores more than 9 loses. The basic rules of baccarat for high rollers are no different. The main difference lies in the size of the bets. They can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per hand. The gambler can play against a virtual croupier or sit with other real participants at a table.

High Stakes Blackjack

High roller blackjack

Premium online casino visitors love to play blackjack. Almost the same game rules and high betting limits are the main reason for the great popularity of this casino game among high rollers.

The main goal of any blackjack version is to collect as close as possible to 21 points. In this case, you also need to beat the dealer. The high roller can bet on the victory of the Bank, the Player or the Draw. Depending on the game variant, the number of decks changes.

Slot Machines for High Rollers

High roller slots

Online slots are an integral part of the real gambling experience of every high roller. They are chosen because of the ease of play and the variety of models and themes. In addition, the whale casino attracts the opportunity to hit the jackpot by seeing the cherished combination of symbols on your device’s screen.

High Stakes Poker

High roller poker

Poker allows you to feel all the experiences and emotions that players of real casinos feel. All participants play not against the dealer but against each other in this game. Despite the fact that poker requires knowledge of combinations and effective strategies, high rollers often choose this type of gambling entertainment.

The term “high roller” was first used in poker and meant punters who play this game exclusively for high stakes. Modern high roller casinos consider this fact and regularly hold tournaments among poker fans in its many variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a high roller casino differ from a traditional one?

It is a virtual casino for players who like to bet big. Such punters get a number of benefits, including an exclusive loyalty program and other VIP service privileges. Regular casinos do not offer such favourable conditions and have restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.

How to become a casino whale?

The good news is that anyone can become a high roller if they have the right budget. There are no detailed instructions on how to get high roller status. But with a few tips, you can do it. The most important thing is to regularly make big stakes. Casinos also monitor the players’ behaviour.

What is the difference between high rollers, VIP players and casino whales?

All of these terms are used for gamblers who play for high stakes and receive VIP treatment from the casino in return.

How much do I need to bet to be considered a high roller?

The bet size may differ from casino to casino and from game to game. For example, some online operators consider a player who regularly wagers $100 or more to be a high roller, while others consider $30 to be enough.

Why do online casinos in Canada offer significant perks to high rollers?

Such players provide good cash flow to online operators. Moreover, since casino whales regularly make large bets and deposits, this is one of the most profitable groups of punters for all Canadian casinos. For this reason, gambling sites compete for each such player, providing them with the most favourable conditions.